How to Prepare for your Sleep Apnea Study Appointment in Phoenix

A doctor’s visit for sleep apnea is routine, and much like other doctor’s visits you have had.  You may be asked to bring a journal or notes you have taken that detail your sleep habit so that your Phoenix sleep specialist can assess the history.  A physical examination may also be conducted.

If your Phoenix sleep doctor suspects sleep apnea, it may be recommended that you undergo a sleep study.  Most sleep studies are Sleep Study Phoenixovernight and begin in the late evening.  A sleep study in Phoenix, also called a polysomnogram, is a procedure that monitors the body’s routine functions, brain waves, heart rate, breathing and leg movements during the sleep process.

How to Prepare for an Overnight Exam

Sleep studies can be used to evaluate a patient for sleep apnea.  You will be greeted in the evening by a technologist and shown to the room you will sleep in.  It is critical that you arrive on time so that you have time to prepare for the examination begins.  Your doctor may also instruct you to eat before arrival so that your stomach is not empty.  Having an empty stomach may cause difficulties in falling asleep.

When you have settled into your sleep room, you may be asked to put on your pajamas and complete some paperwork.  The sleep study specialist will place electrodes and sensors to your body, but you may be able to walk around the room and use the restroom even though the sensors are in place.

You are able to go to sleep at your normal bedtime, if it falls within the constraints of the lab protocol.  It may be recommended that you go to bed as early as possible so that the sleep specialist has more time to evaluate your sleep patterns.

The diagnostic studies carried out overnight are used to evaluate if the patient has sleep apnea or another type of sleeping disorder.  If you generally wear a CPAP device at night, you may be asked to wear it during the sleep study test for further analysis.

What to Bring to Your Sleep Study Exam

Sleep Clinic PhoenixThink about the items you routinely use prior to retiring for the night and bring those with you to the sleep study examination.  Two-piece pajamas are generally acceptable, along with any special pillows, stuffed animals for children, or blankets.  You may also bring reading material, personal toiletries, and other items that make you feel comfortable and allow you to carry out your normal routine.

Your sleep doctor in Phoenix will provide information on the study itself and how to prepare so that you know exactly what is expected of you prior to the examination.  The exam is painless and highly effective in diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

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