FAQ’s on Sleep Studies for DOT from a Phoenix Sleep Center

Is A Sleep Study Essential In Getting DOT Certification?

Yes. If you need to get DOT certification, you need to undertake a sleep study as part of your physical exam. You can have a lab sleep test or at-home testing which is unattended.

How Long Does The Sleep Study Take?

Since the test evaluates your sleeping patterns, you will have to sleep as normal. If you are taking the test home with you, you should sleep as normal and this could take about 7 to 8 hours. The same applies with lab test conducted DOT Sleep Studyduring the day. The study could start in the morning and end in the evening.

Who Is Qualified To Perform A DOT Certified Sleep Study?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations clearly defines who can perform the medical exam. This needs to be a certified, licensed and registered medical professional who can perform physical exams in accordance with state laws. This includes: MD – Phoenix sleep doctors, doctors of osteopathy, registered nurses, chiropractic doctors and physician assistants. If you are taking an at-home sleep test, the portable machine must be DOT certified.

Can Sleep Apnea Disqualify You?

Drivers can be disqualified until their sleep apnea is ruled out or successfully treated. It’s recommended that you undergo treatment for the sleep disorder and monitoring. If the driver has EDS or Excessive Daytime Somnolence or narcolepsy he or she will be temporarily disqualified.

What Does The Sleep Study Determine?

Sleep studies can help identify the severity of EDS and its frequency. It can also showcase the presence of warning attacks and possibility of sleep when driving.

Why Is The Sleep Study Vital?

The test can help identify if you are fit to operate a public transport vehicle. This is important in enhancing public safety and gauges the drivers’ physical, emotional and mental state when driving.

Can You Drive With Sleep Apnea?

Yes, you can. It all depends on the severity of your condition and you may be required to undergo further clinical diagnosis to identify if the condition affects your ability to drive a commercial vehicle safely. Different states have their own medical standards and you need to figure out the department of transportation regulations for your state.

What Level Of Sleep Apnea Can Disqualify a Driver?

If your sleep disorder ranges from moderate to severe, the qualifying medical examiner can deem it unsafe for driving. Sleep Lab PhoenixThe examiner must qualify you to be fit for duty.

How Much Does The Sleep Study Cost?

It all depends on which sleep study you undertake. Usually, at-home tests tend to be cheaper but they are also not too accurate or reliable in diagnosing sleep disorders. Lab sleep studies are more thorough hence costlier. Infinity Sleep Solutions has discounts available.

How Does The Sleep Study Work?

The technologist will monitor your sleep patterns such as breathing patterns when asleep. If you are using an at-home portable monitor a computer card will record your sleeping patterns, position and breathing patterns amongst others. The results are then interpreted and sent to your physician who will then evaluate them further and convey the results.

Infinity Sleep Solutions is a Phoenix sleep clinic that offers DOT sleep studies and also accepts a considerable amount of insurance. The Centers have 2 locations, one in Phoenix and the other in Surprise. Call today at for more information and scheduling.