FAQ’s on a Sleep Study from a Phoenix Sleep Center

What Is A Sleep Study?

A sleep study is a test used to measure how your body responds to sleep. The test basically measures how you sleep and is important in identifying if you have a sleep disorder and its severity.

What Does A Sleep Study Entail?Sleep Study Phoenix

A sleep study looks at various aspects of your sleep and some of the clinical features that are taken into consideration include your real sleep time. This basically measures how much time you spend asleep and not just bed time. The test provides an accurate review of sleep apnea and any other sleep disorder you may have. The heart rate is also measured while sleeping along with measurements of blood oxygen levels, snoring intensity, sleep fragmentation, sleeping position and others.

How Does A Sleep Study Help The Doctor Provide Treatment?

Usually, people are not aware of their sleep problems and these tests help the doctor diagnose and properly treat your sleep disorder. Sleep studies go a long way in providing an accurate diagnosis of sleep associated breathing disorders like sleep apnea, seizure disorders, extreme fatigue like narcolepsy and periodic limb movement disorders; all if which are associated to sleep. Accurate diagnosis of sleep disorder ultimately helps in identifying the right course of

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Typical Sleep Study room with a comfortable bed.

treatment. Medical conditions such as obesity, kidney disease, heart failure and high blood pressure amongst others have been linked to sleep disorders.

Who Needs A Sleep Study?

If you suffer from chronic snoring, wake up feeling fatigued and generally have a hard time staying alert during the day or have trouble adapting to work shifts then you might be suffering from a sleep disorder. Common signs of a sleep disorder include: taking more than half an hour to fall asleep when in bed, waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble falling asleep. Feeling sleepy during the day and having a high dependency on stimulants like caffeine to help you stay awake during the day.

What to Expect During a Sleep Study

These studies are harmless and you will be taken to a sleep center which is basically like a hotel room. The technician or nurse will make you as comfortable as possible. During a polysomnogram test, sticky patches are attached to electrodes which are placed all over your body including your face, scalp, finger, chest and limbs. Elastic belts are also use and fastened on your belly and chest. These belts measure breathing patterns when asleep. Wires are also attached on the sensors to transmit data onto a computer for analysis. There are different tests used to measure sleep disorders and some of these include the multiple sleep latency test, wakefulness test and portable home-based monitor test.

What Are The Risks of a Sleep Study?Sleep Clinic Phoenix

Sleep studies are harmless and painless as well. There are minimum risks and the most common side effect is minor skin irritation due to the sensors used.

What Are The Possible Results of A Sleep Study?

Sleep studies can help diagnose narcolepsy, sleep apnea, idiopathic hypersomnia and other sleep related disorders.

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